So now that we have a domain name we need to give it some power, a domain name is nothing without hosting so that’s what we will be discussing in the post.

Hostgator is by far one of the best hosting providers out there although there are hundreds Hostgator are very transparent with there pricing and offer awesome support. Following is a simple to follow guide to get your domain name up and running in WordPress…

Step one – Choose your package

Hosting providers offer a number of packages to suit, i personalty got with the unlimited domains option every time for an extra few bucks its worth being able to host multiple domains on the same host. Continue reading Hosting

6 Tips To Choose A Domain Name

Choosing to make decision for the name of your blog is something that really important related to your website. If you make your site that is not convenient to read, it will not very attractive for trafficn condition ( it seen to be confused and another site that I really hated Continue reading 6 Tips To Choose A Domain Name